Toddler Care


Toddler Philosophy

In our Toddler program, caring for children from 18 months to 30 months, our primary focus is to promote a healthy self image and the confidence to freely explore the world around them.  We encourage our toddlers to try new things and experiment with different materials and ideas.  In the toddler room it's all about the journey, not the destination, with lots of time allowed for children to exert their own ideas and to explore their growing sense of who they are.


We recognize the importance of this time when children need support and gentle guidance in building relationships with their peers and understanding basic social interactions.  We use all available opportunities to role model empathy and kindness as the children struggle to balance their need for "mine" with their developing sensitivity to the feelings of their friends.


Such important work cannot be done in isolation but rather requires the shared investment of the family, the child care team and the community. We are dedicated to promoting these relationships and working collaboratively to offer each child every opportunity to reach their full potential. We recognize the parent as the primary caregiver and we relish our role as your support, your encouragement and your resource throughout these important years.



Toddler Curriculum

The time from 18 to 30 months is an exciting time full of amazing developments, new skills and lots of exploration! Toddlers are always on the go and are eager to touch, feel and even taste everything around them. Our toddler program is designed with this in mind. We offer a safe, open playspace where your toddler can freely explore their surroundings.


At this age children are beginning to understand themselves as individuals and can be quite firm about establishing their independence. Our Regstered Early Childhood Educators understand the unique needs of this age group and give them lots of freedom and time to do things on their own while remaining close by to support and encourage these emerging skills. 

Some activities you might see in the Toodler Room include:

*Playing with dolls, pretend food and dishes, mimicing what they see at home
*More interest in books and labeling the pictures they see
*Climbing EVERYTHING to exercise those muscles and build coordination and control
*Painting, colouring and modeling with play dough
*Sand and water play
*Playing with planes, trains and cars

This is also the age where you start seeing your child developing friendships with their peers and sharing lots of stories about what happened at daycare today.


Our Toddler Classrooms