• Allenby Location - Licensed Infant and Toddler care in a safe, cozy environment.
  • Infant Classroom - Bright open space, quality learning materials and lots of care and attention.
  • Infant Sleep Area - Connected to the classroom for close supervision and safety.
  • Toddler Classroom - Daily outside time, fun activities and learning through play.
  • Fennell Location - Licensed Toddler and Preschool care for families in the Hamilton Area since 2001.
  • Toddler Classroom - Stories and songs, making friends and developing language.
  • Pre-School Classroom - A structured routine & curriculum set the stage for success in school.
  • Fennell Playground - Daily outside time builds strength and promotes good health.
  • Locke Location - Licensed Preschool Care with Flexible Schedule options.
  • Pre-School Classroom - We have fun while learning self help skills and exploring new ideas.


Little Learning House has been providing high quality licensed child care in the city of Hamilton, Ontario since 2001. We are committed to supporting you, the parent, as you build a quality life for yourself and your family.  This is why we offer unique and innovative services you won’t find with other child care providers.  We understand the demands facing today’s families and want to make sure you have the choices you deserve to create the child care package that meets your individual needs. 


Whether it is our Variable Schedule Care that lets you choose the specific days you need care and offers total flexibility for your busy lifestyle...or our Back Up Care that lets you book care with little or no notice...our Flexible Care Program puts the control in your hands.   


Our Traditional Care Program offers the benefit of a consistent routine where your child can spend time with the same children daily and build close connections with teachers and peers.  This more classical child care model, with both Full Day and Extended Day options, sets a strong foundation for successful social interactions as well as offering predictability which fosters security and attachment between caregivers and children.  This is especially beneficial in the Infant and Toddler age groups or for children who do better with a regular routine.


Don’t see what you need?  Let us know.  We are happy to suggest alternatives and love hearing your feedback so we can plan exciting new services to support our L.L.H. Families!


We are excited to hear from you soon and look forward to having you join our family.





Your Little Learning House Team


Email us at:  info@littlelearninghouse.com