Preschool Care


Pre-School Philosophy


The Pre-School Years are full of fun and excitement.  It is amazing to look at these little people and see how much they have learned and grown in only a few short years.  Now you can frequently see flashes of the person they are growing into and their own unique interests and ideas are becoming clear.  Our Pre-School program encourages children to experiment and explore with a wide range of materials and situations.  Our job is to provide the materials and the opportunities and then to get out of the way and watch the learning explode!  We believe the most concrete learning is hands on, so we strive to create a safe and secure environment that promotes learning, creativity and fun.




Pre-School Curriculum


The years from 2.5 to 5 mark some of the biggest changes you will see in your child. It seems like they grow and change over night and so our curriculum is constantly adapting to keep pace with their abilities and interests.


We continue to promote healthy social interactions and build friendships that can last for years while beginning to work on more concrete skills like:


Toilet training

  • Self help skills (dressing, feeding and personal grooming)
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Basic concepts such as colours, numbers and letters


Some activities you might see in the Pre-School Room include:

  • Tracing letters and numbers
  • Field trips
  • Building complex structures with assorted materials
  • Reading longer more detailed stories
  • More complex creative art projects
  • Exploring movement and muscle control through dance, gymnastics and sports
  • Printing
  • Phonics
  • Geometry
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Writing letters and words
  • Science experiments
  • Cooking

In these years we build upon the foundations laid during the first years and work to prepare the children for a smooth transition to Junior and Senior Kindergarten.


Our Pre-School Classrooms