Infant Care


Our Philosophy


In our Infant program, caring for children from 6 months to 18 months, our primary focus is to provide an environment where you can feel safe leaving your child, where you know all their basic needs for food, attention and personal care are being met, where they are being stimulated and provided with a rich variety of opportunities to exercise their bodies and their minds. We strive to fill them up with love, security and self worth so that they can freely and confidently explore the world in which we live.

We help them to explore their relationships with others in an effort to promote strong bonds and build feelings of empathy so that they might become caring, sensitive adults. The foundations built in these early years must bear the weight of all their future dreams and aspirations, so we work to strengthen these foundations and to give every child the best start in life.

Such important work cannot be done in isolation but rather requires the shared investment of the family, the child care team and the community. We are dedicated to promoting these relationships and working collaboratively to offer each child every opportunity to reach their full potential. We recognize the parent as the primary caregiver and we relish our role as your support, your encouragement and your resource throughout these important years.



Our Curriculum


In the first year and a half our goal is to offer the infants in our care a variety of opportunities to explore their environment. The brain is an important muscle and like any other muscle it needs to be exercised in order to grow strong and flourish. A wide range of age appropriate activities challenge our infants as they learn about common objects, develop their vocabulary and form secure attachments with their caregivers.

Some fun activities we might offer would include:

  • Finger painting with pudding, jello or edible paints 
  • Reading and looking at books about basic concepts like families, animals, shapes and colours
  • Singing songs and doing finger plays
  • Tummy time, push toys and low, soft climbers 
  • Neighbourhood walks or play time in the yard
  • And of course lots of cuddles and conversation!


Our daily schedule is flexible to allow each infant to follow their own schedule while ensuring they benefit from all the various aspects of the program.


Our Infant Classroom