Supervision Policy for Parents, Students and Volunteers

All non-employees (students/parents/volunteers) shall adhere to the policies outlined in this manual at all times.  If at any time they are observed to contravene these policies the staff that witnesses the contravention shall immediately and clearly address the situation.  They shall firstly ensure the safety of all children, then they will remind the student/parent/volunteer of the relevant policy and the centres expectations regarding that policy in such a way as to guide and support the student/parent/volunteer.  They shall also inform the supervisor of the situation and record it in the classroom journal.


All students/parents/volunteers shall be assigned a supervising teacher who shall be responsible for establishing their responsibilities and ensuring the student/parent/volunteer has read and understands the manual and the policies outlined therein.


This person shall also ensure that the student/parent/volunteer has submitted the necessary forms and documents as required for their circumstance.  This shall include a criminal record check for the vulnerable sector.


Students, parents and volunteers shall not be counted in ratios at any time nor shall they be allowed direct unsupervised access to any child at any time. 



No child is to be supervised by a person less than 18 years of age.