No Outside Shoes in the Centres

We make a lot of effort and invest a lot of time in creating and maintaining a space that is warm and welcoming to share with your family as well as being clean and safe for your child.


This is why we require that every person entering the centre removes their outside shoes in the entry way.  This is simply a matter of respect for our working environment and for your child’s learning environment. 


Each time someone does not remove their shoes, especially their wet boots, we have to drop what we are doing (caring for your children) and go clean the area to make sure no one slips and falls and that no one who has appropriately removed their shoes has to walk in someone else mess. 


We respect that some parents/visitors might have physical limitations that prevent them from being able to take shoes off/put them on easily.   We understand that after a certain point in your pregnancy, reaching your feet is no easy task.  In these cases we are happy to make an exception.  We just ask that you wipe your feet as well as possible and try to limit how far you come into the play space.  We also ask that you inform a teacher so we can be sure to clean the area right away.



In other cases, not removing your outside shoes in the entryway is just not ok and will not be accepted.  Please show our space and our staff some simple courtesy and remove your shoes.