Children's Personal Property

We want to spend as much of our time as possible teaching, playing with and loving your children.  You can help us to do that by making our jobs a little lighter.  Please limit how much you bring in to the centre.  With up to 50 families at each site we have a lot of personal items to care for and keep organized.  Every minute we have to spend trying to find lost clothing, organizing the boot closet, sorting the lost and found bin, is one less minute we have to spend with the children. 


If each family would only bring the bare necessities that we have requested, this job would be much easier and fewer items would be lost.  We would really appreciate your help in this.



We cannot stress enough how important it is to label everything you bring into the centre.  Every year we donate garbage bags full of clothes and other items that are brought to the centre unlabeled and never claimed.  Often things have been brought to the centre directly from the store and parents forget they even have them. 


We make every reasonable effort to make sure your child’s property is well cared for and is returned to you, however we cannot guarantee nothing will become lost, especially when it is not labelled.   Please do not send anything of great value to the centre. 


If you ever find you have an item that does not belong to you please be sure to bring it back to the centre right away. 


Play Clothes

Please dress your child in clothing appropriate for free and messy play.  We will not limit their learning and exploration over concerns about getting messy.



Bags/Back Packs


Please do not bring bags/back packs into the centre.  We should have everything your child needs here at the centre so there is no need to have a bag on their hook.  When we start having bags on cubbies there isn’t enough room and things end up on the floor and getting lost.  It also makes it more challenging for your child to look after their own clothes and dress independently for outside.