Special Diet Requests and Serious Medical Conditions

What you should know about Special Diet Requests and Serious Medical Conditions


Little Learning House makes no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate every special request we receive.  While we make a reasonable effort to be inclusive of every family, we are limited in what we can practically manage.

You must inform us of your child’s special dietary needs using the Special Diet Accommodation Request Form prior to confirmation of space.  Any special dietary requests will be reviewed with the kitchen manager to ensure we can meet your needs in a reasonable manner.


We are generally able to accommodate the following special diets:

·         Vegetarian

·         Gluten Free

·         Dairy Free


There is an additional fee of $3 per day for all special diet accommodations.  This partially covers the cost of additional cooking ingredients and time.


There is no outside food allowed at any of the centres.  This is necessary in order to ensure the safety of children with serious food allergies.  Our centres are all Nut Aware in that we do not serve any items which contain peanuts or tree nuts.


Serious Medical Conditions including Allergies


It is important that we are aware of all serious medical conditions, including allergies, so we can plan how to keep your child safe.


We are required to develop and maintain an Individual Emergency Plan outlining steps to avoid and/or treat each child with a serious medical condition or allergy.  You child may not attend without this plan in place and it takes time for us to develop.  It also must be signed by your family doctor.  Please make sure you let us know asap if your child has a serious medical condition which requires any special knowledge or treatment. Some examples of this might be an anaphylactic allergy or a history of febrile seizures.