Serious Occurrence Notification

In any case where there is an incident which occurs at the child care centre or relating to the operations of the child care centre, which is considered to be serious in nature, the child care centre supervisor or her delegate shall post a Serious Occurrence Notification Form in order to share these important details with parents. 


This notice shall be posted on the information board located in the cubby area for a period of no less than 10 days. 


This form shall provide a summary of the incident, actions taken by the child care centre to address the incident, who else was involved (Children’s Aid, Ministry of Education, Police, etc) and how the incident was resolved.  It shall NOT identify staff, children or families involved in the incident. 


If at any time parents have questions about such a notification they are encouraged to speak directly with the child care centre supervisor. 



This notification shall be kept on file at the child care centre for no less than 2 years.