Toilet Training


So you're thinking about toileting training?  That's great!  We're happy to support you through this process.  Please understand that we not only have your one child, but another dozen or two in their class who also need our time and attention.  For this reason, we need to be a little firm about our toilet training process.  We appreciate your cooperation.  


We like to schedule no more than 2 children in any class to begin toilet training at the same time.  We set aside two weeks where these children get the more intense attention they require during the early stages of the training process, after which we are usually able to start working with another two children.  


To make the toilet training process a success we need to make sure we're on the same page.  Check out our Step by Step Guide to Toilet Training to see if your child is ready.  


When you think your child is ready, please speak to their classroom teacher to schedule a start date and complete a Toilet Training Agreement.  This helps us organize ourselves to give your child the best support we can.  


Please DO NOT bring your child to the centre in underwear without first arranging it with their teacher.  Thanks!