Rest Time

The daily routine allows for a period of quiet rest every day after the mid day meal.  It is important for children to have this opportunity to quiet themselves and relax in the middle of the day.  Having this healthy rest allows them to recharge and be able to participate successfully in the rest of the day.  Healthy rest is as important as good food and exercise for developing children.


All children are expected to participate in this period of quiet rest.  We recognize that this might not work for every family however we are not able to accommodate alternative arrangements. 


If you do not wish for your child to sleep we can arrange for staff not to rub their back to purposefully put them to sleep however staff will not prevent a child from sleeping if they are tired.


In order to have this quiet time and to allow for staff lunches all children must go on their cot during the rest period.  Children who do not sleep will be required to rest until the majority of their class group has settled and then will be offered books and quiet activities. 



If a child is not able to rest quietly and their behaviour disrupts other children from resting we may need to recommend other care arrangements.  Some larger centres or home based providers have more flexibility in this area.


In keeping with the regulations outlined in the Child Care and Early Years Act, Little Learning House adheres to the guidelines set forth in the Joint Statement on Safe Sleep