If a child has any sort of skin irritation/spots/rash they must be seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner and the centre must receive a note confirming the diagnosis. 


If a rash cannot be diagnosed in writing by a physician the child may not attend the child care centre until the rash is entirely clear.


Due to the often mixed and conflicting directions received from doctors, the centre has developed our own policies around exclusion, based on information obtained from the Centres for Disease Control and the Mayo Clinic.  In case of conflict between the physicians advice and centre policies, the stricter of the two shall take precedence.


  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease – child must be off for 7 days after confirmed diagnosis.  May return on the 8th day or after (weekends are included in this calculation – so if the child goes home on Wednesday they may return the Thursday of the next week)
  • Fifths Disease – no exclusion required after confirmed diagnosis
  • Roseola – no exclusion required after confirmed diagnosis
  • Chicken Pox – child must be excluded until all spots have scabbed over
  • Impetigo – child must be excluded for a full 24 hours after they receive the first dose of antibiotics


If a child has a recurring skin condition (eczema etc) which is not contagious and the parents have provided a doctors note confirming this then this note can be kept on file and the child will not need to see the doctor every time they have a rash, provided the presentation of the rash is consistent with the typical presentation and there are not currently any outbreaks of rash in the centre.