Parents are required to inform the child care centre every time their child is on any medication including pain/fever and cold meds.  It is important that we know what medication they have had in case they have a reaction, in case they require medical care and we need to inform emergency personnel what is in their system and so we can accurately assess their health. 



If you give them fever medication and don’t tell us then we might think they are only mildly sick when in reality they are extremely ill and need additional care but the medication is masking the symptoms. 


Centre staff will administer any medication that is prescribed by a doctor or accompanied by a doctor’s note. 


Medication must be in the original package which clearly shows the name of the child it is prescribed for, the expiration date, the amount to be administered and schedule of administration.


Parents must complete a Medication Administration Request Form.  Staff may not complete this form for you.  Completed form and medication must be given to the classroom teacher directly and not left in the child’s bag.  This is a danger to other children.


You must let us know when you drop off if your child has had any medication that day.  This is essential for us to be able to accurately assess their health.  We also need to be able to properly update medical personnel in case of an emergency in order to avoid any drug over dosing or interactions. 


Diaper creams and sunscreens can only be applied if the proper form has been completed by the parents. 


Please allow time in your schedule to complete these forms when you drop off your child.