Head Lice

Every time a single nit or louse is found on a child in the child care centre it triggers hours of cleaning, head checks and laundry.  This means extra staff are required and the daily routine for all children in that centre is disrupted.  Because of this we must take a proactive and strict approach to preventing the spread of lice within the child care centres. Parents are aware of this policy at the time of registration and so will be expected to cooperate with centre staff should there be a case at their child’s centre


Regardless of all the products available on the market, hand picking remains the most effective way to remove nits from a child’s hair.  Parents are encouraged to spend several hours, multiples times in a day, hand picking to remove all nits from their child’s head.


If a child has any nits or lice in their hair they may not attend the child care centre.


If a child has been off with lice, staff will check their head as they arrive at the centre.  This process takes about 15 minutes.  Parents are required to stay while this check is performed so should allow for extra time.  There will be no exceptions to this.


Parents should also expect that regular checks will continue for at least a week after the child is cleared to return to child care and if any nits or lice are found the child will be sent home.


Due to the amount of time it reasonably takes to treat a case of head lice and to do all the cleaning/laundry required at home a child must be off for 24 hours every time any lice or nits are found in their hair.  


This cleaning/laundry must be repeated each time lice or nits are found as they can spread quickly and easily between the time the cleaning was last done and the time the new louse/nit was discovered.