Extreme Behaviours

Children are learning how to function as part of a group, follow routines and interact with others in a socially appropriate manner.  We expect that throughout this process they will at times engage in undesirable behaviour such as hitting, pushing, biting, etc.  This is normal and will be addressed as is appropriate for each child’s age and developmental level. 


However at times a child may begin to engage in behaviour that is beyond the spectrum of what is considered typical for their age.  When this happens the child care centre staff will work closely with the family to provide support, tools and resources to help the child better manage their behaviour in the child care setting.  This process involves extra work and time from the child care centre staff.  We are glad to give this effort and time as long as it is being met with equal effort and time from the family. 


At times even our best efforts are not able to help the child manage their behaviour appropriately and we must consider the long term impacts on the other children in the program, as well as on the staff. 



In circumstances where a child’s behavior poses a risk to the emotional or physical safety of other children or staff, care may be terminated.  While efforts will be made to provide a reasonable notice period and to assist the family in making new child care arrangements, situations will be assessed on an individual basis.