Child Release Policy


In order to ensure your child is only being released to the people you have approved, we will require one of the following from anyone (parents included) picking up a child from our care:


1.  Staff know the person and know they are allowed to pick up a specific child

2.  The person can provide photo ID or a clear cell phone picture of photo ID confirming their identity and they are listed on the child release authorization

3.  The person can provide photo ID or a clear cell phone picture of photo ID confirming their identity and the parents have given verbal or written consent for them to pick up the child.

4.  The person identifies themselves as a specific person who is authorized to pick up AND can provide the code word created by parents (for parents who have chosen to utilize this option)


If the person attempting to pick up cannot meet any of these requirements they will not be allowed to pick up the child.  Staff may not call a parent or guardian to have them verbally identify the person.  


Please understand that while staff and supervisors make an effort to know every parent, they do sometimes find themselves in situations where they do not feel confident that they know the person and in such a case they will always require proof of identity.  


If you find yourself in a situation where the person who needs to pick up your child can not meet any of these requirements, please connect with the centre supervisor in advance to try to make arrangements.  The supervisor is not always on site at the end of the day and staff have no authority to make any exceptions.  


DID YOU KNOW?  Supply teachers often work at multiple centres for several child care companies and can interact with hundreds of families over the course of a few weeks.  This makes it really difficult for them to be confident in knowing who is picking up a child.  Even if they are a regular supply staff for LLH, we require that all supply staff ask for proof of identity, every time they release a child.  We appreciate your cooperation with this process.