Little Learning House recognizes that biting can be a normal part of a child’s experience in a group care setting.  We will endeavour to support children and families through this experience with knowledge, compassion and patience.


Classroom teachers recognize the likelihood that biting will occur, particularly in the infant and toddler programs and shall take proactive measures to reduce the frequency and severity of incidents.

- Staff shall be aware of which children are teething and proactively attempt to sooth/comfort them by offering cool cloths, teething toys, and treatment as directed by parents

- Staff shall communicate within their teaching team to share this information and plan together around how to proactively support children and families through this experience

- Staff shall make use of placement students to provide more one on one supervision and support for children who are actively biting

- Staff shall ensure constant global supervision of the classroom space

- Staff shall physically separate children who are actively biting, during times of reduced supervision (for example when one staff is changing diapers without another staff in the classroom they might put an infant who is biting in the high chair while they change another child’s diaper)


Staff shall complete Record of Incident forms in every incidence of biting at the child care centre

- One shall be completed for the child who is bitten

- One shall be completed for the child who bites


Staff shall maintain a biting log in the classroom binder.  This shall assist staff in identifying any patterns which may be occurring or circumstances which may contribute to increased incidents of biting

- The Centre Supervisor shall review the biting log on a monthly basis


When a child is bitten staff will apply first aid as appropriate and will comfort the child.


When a child bites staff will respond as they deem appropriate based on their knowledge of that child and what strategies they have agreed to use/have already tried.

- Strategies could include ignoring, redirection, providing appropriate language, etc

- Strategies shall not include any of the Prohibited Practices or any action which is not consistent with the view of the child as a valued person deserving of respect and love.


Staff shall post biting information sheets on the classroom information board at all times


Staff shall send biting information sheets home with parents when there is an active pattern of biting in the classroom


The centre supervisor shall personally connect with parents who are involved in an active pattern of biting in order to offer support and share information.


It is not the policy of Little Learning House to terminate care when children are engaging in normal patterns of biting. 

While we understand this can be a difficult experience for parents, we will not allow any mistreatment or disrespectful behaviour towards our staff.