Photo Album


We've always got fun events and activities on the go and we're excited to share pictures in the classrooms and through our facebook page. 


Here's a quick snap shot of some of the fun we have through out the year.


Story Time


Books are a major part of every day, whether the children are reading on their own or with friends or if the teacher is sharing a special story with the class.  





Making Friends


When children share so much of their day together and are part of so many milestones, they can't help but build great friendships along the way.





Lots of Love


The time our staff and children spend together forms some pretty strong bonds.  We're so thankful to play a role in your children's lives.





Healthy Meals and Snacks


Food is a pretty big deal for kids so we make sure they have plenty of healthy options through out the day.  Now how much makes it in their mouths is another story....





Having a Ball


Play time is an important part of our day that allows the children to follow their own interests and explore freely.






Being Crafty


Arts and crafts allow children to explore their senses and experiment with self expression.  The results make your fridge look like a gallery!





Lots of Fresh Air


Fresh air and exercise are such an important part of every day.  We sure do have fun outside!





Special Events


Through out the year we take extra time to celebrate holidays and share fun times together.  From our annual Halloween Fun House to Pajama Parties we sure know how to have fun!