All of our teaching staff have the following credentials:

Standard First Aid and CPR training (including infant and toddler)

Vulnerable Sector Police Checks

Up to date immunizations


In addition to this our staff participate in regular professional learning activities so they can keep growing professionally and adding to their knowledge and skills. 



Our Leadership Team


Christine Max, R.E.C.E

Director - Teaching since 1998


Fun Facts About Christine...

When Christine was 5 she wanted to be a theatre actress when she grew up.

If Christine is in the classroom you can usually find her on the carpet doing circle with the children.  "I love using my songs and stories to bring them up and have them all excited and silly and then bringing them back down again so they are settled before lunch.  It’s pretty amazing to be able to do that."

Christine's favourite memory from her own childhood was lunch! "I remember the sight of the cook carrying in that big yellow bowl of lunch and knowing it was my favourite meal and just being overwhelmed with happiness."


Alissa Timmins, R.E.C.E

Senior Supervisor - Teaching since 2010



Fun Facts About Alissa....

Alissa loves doing messy activities.  If you find her in the classroom it will usually be in the middle of the biggest mess having a fantastic time with the children.

Alissa enjoys traveling to sunny warm spots, watching hockey and baseball with her friends and reading LOTS of books!  She has even been spotting deep into a novel while walking to work.  

Alissa remembers every detail about our children, families and staff.  She is our very own encyclopedia of knowledge.  


Teresa Ramage, R.E.C.E

Supervisor - Teaching since 1995



Fun Facts About Teresa...

When Teresa was 5 she wanted to be a mom when she grew up. "I use to pretend my younger brother was mine and have him play house.  I would try and get him to call me mommy, he often wouldn’t and would just reply “no” and laugh."

Teresa has a love of empty boxes and all of the amazing things you can create from them.  You will often find empty boxes lying in wait in her office for the children to create with.  Her mom helped foster this love "My Mom would bring out two big card board boxes and would give them to my sister and I to decorate with paint. After we were done painting them she would put our dolls in the box with a blanket making a bed, she then connected it to our bikes using string. The box with the “Babies” would be pulled around as we biked around the block or to the park, until the box no longer had a bottom, my Mom would then get us more boxes to decorate and few extra for my friends to decorate as well."   


Pam Kolne-Gordon, R.E.C.E

Supervisor - Teaching since 2000



Fun Facts about Pam...

When Pam was little she loved playing street hockey with her brother and his friends.

Pam really enjoys doing sensory activities with the children.  The messier the better!

Pam has a huge love of everything about Canada. From her huge Canada Day bashes to celebrate the day, to her love of Hockey to her obsession with bears. 



Tracy Humphrey

Kitchen Manager - Feeding our children since 2014



Fun Facts About Tracy...

Tracy's love of cooking stems from her memories of running up the driveway and smelling her grandma's cooking when she was a child.

Tracy is also an amazing gardener and grows many of her own vegetables in the summer time to use in preparing the delicious food she makes for the children.

When Tracy has the opportunity to visit in the classrooms you will often find her sitting on the floor with the children singing and reading books.