Q - What if my child is sick?  Can they still come?  Do I still have to pay?

A - If your child just has a cold and is otherwise ok, they are welcome to attend.  If they have something more serious they would probably benefit from a day or two of rest and extra care that can be provided at home.  Our illness policy in your Parent Handbook outlines these guidelines in more details. 



Q - I've been hearing a lot about Play Based Learning.  Is this what you do?  How is my child learning anything if they just play all day?

A - Our programs offer an adapted version of play based learning.  We agree that learning is more meaningful when children have the chance to practice hands on and explore with materials they are interested in.  Our job is to make that exploration meaningful by guiding and supporting their play to find the lessons in every day activities. 


We do also think it is important that children learn to follow direction, adhere to structured routines and to focus their attention when required so that they have a better transition to school.  Our curriculum offers a balance of both child directed and teacher directed learning.


Q - Am I allowed to visit in the classroom to see what happens and how my child does?

A - Of course!  We would love for you to come hang out with us and see what happens during the day. As long as it is a positive experience for your child (it doesn't make them upset) we encourage parents to spend some time in their child's class.  


Q - Can I send food for my child in case they don't like what you're serving?

A - We ask parents not to send any outside food to the daycare centre for several reasons.


-  We have children with food allergies and we need to ensure all foods brought in to the centre are safe for everyone


-  We want to teach the children healthy eating habits which will extend into years to come.  If we always offer them the same food, they don't learn to try new things and develop different tastes


-  It can cause difficulties when different children have different foods to eat at a meal and is usually disruptive to the group


If you have concerns about what your child is eating, please speak to one of our supervisors and she can help you come to a solution that works for everyone.  


Q - My child is not toilet trained.  Do they need to be toilet trained to attend your centre?  

A - Our teachers are happy to work with you to toilet train your child when you are ready to do so.  We've got lots of experience and are glad to share our best tips to help your child master this skill.  


Children in our Preschool program (ages 2.5 to 5) must be in underwear when they move up to the preschool classroom although they are not required to be entirely trained.  We can work together towards that goal.


Q - Why do I have to let you know if I decide to keep my child home for the day?


A - We spend a great deal of time with your child and we come to care about them a great deal.  When we expect you to arrive at your usual time and an hour or so later you're not there, we worry.  


Q - Why do I need to tell you when I am going to be late?


A -  We understand not every family has the same schedule and we encourage you to enjoy whatever time you can with your children.  If you're starting later and want to drop your child off at a later time, just give us a call and enjoy your morning. 


Sometimes several children will decide to take the day off leaving us with more teachers than we need to care for the children in attendance.  If we know these children won't be coming we can give the teachers time to prepare their activities, to do extra cleaning in the centre or to go home for the day themselves and enjoy a much deserved day off.