What Parents Say


We know we have a great program but you don’t have to take our word for it.  Here are some of the things parents have said about their child’s time at Little Learning House:






"Thanks to the safe and  nurturing environment at Little Learning House our sometimes quiet & reserved little baby has become a happy, talkative and social little boy. It is such a reassuring feeling to know he is happy and well cared for at L.L.H." – Jackie and J.P







 "My experience with Little Learning House has been great.  The staff are friendly, my child rarely catches illnesses from the centre, and communication is very clear.  When there are concerns that parents may have, Little Learning House takes them seriously, and addresses them in a way that involves parents in the implementation of the decisions made.  Little Learning House goes above and beyond in planning Halloween events even after the staff have worked all day to provide an opportunity where parents can meet other parents that use the centre, and where parents can meet the children their children have been talking about at home.

My daughter most recently has had a teacher who is qualified to be a kindergarten teacher.  This is a very rare find at a daycare centre.  What my daughter has learned through this teacher is actually quite amazing.  She has been able to identify letters, write letters, and is starting to sound out words that she sees.  The centre does this through play based learning, and in a way that I can tell my daughter feels proud about how she has learned rather than getting frustrated with the process.  
Skills of independence are encouraged at the centre, and the centre is selective about the staff that they hire.  They are a leader in innovation for implementing care that has not previously existed with their flexible hours, and philosophies that fit the needs of different families.  I have witnessed and been advised of conversations that children have had about diversity and explaining to each other different cultural norms that they practice, children talking to each other about having multiple homes that they go to, and the staff normalizing these feelings and conversations.  The staff are very supportive and encourage learning in a very natural way with the children at the centre". – Jen




We have had our now 2 year old daughter in the care of Little Learning house since she was an infant.  The day I went in to check out their location, staff and environment I knew within the first five minutes I wanted my daughter here no matter what.  Little Learning house emphasizes a structure that I felt our daughter would not get anywhere else and I knew it was a place that she was going to have fun, make friends and learn all day.  The friendly and educated staff provides the relief I need that while my little girl is away all day, she is in the best hands possible.  The staff are not only friendly but they have a way of calming the children down; whether it be a bad day they are having, an upset belly or they had just had a fight with their best friend, I know that our daughter would not yearn for us for comfort but turn to the care at hand.  Little Learning house also has high standards for cleanliness as well as home made meals.  So if my little one doesn’t eat a full supper at home, I know she ate well that day no matter what.  What Little Learning house has shown us is that without a world of T.V. all day, which is what we did not want for our daughter, she has learned many things.  She uses manners while at home and out with others, she washes her hands when needed, we continue our counting and A, B, C’s at home which is something the centre practices on a daily basis.  Our daughter will be with the Little Learning house until she is in school, that we know for certain.  Our appreciation towards the friendly staff at the centre could never be enough for the care that they provide all day while we are at work.”  Thank you Little Learning House"  Jeff, Holly and Brooklynn.   








"Next to home and family, Little Learning House is the place". – Mike and Penni










"My son has been attending Little Learning House since he was an infant and when they are that young its hard to put your trust into someone you aren't familiar with.  Cayden is now 2 years old and he absolutely loves his friends and caregivers at LLH and it melts my heart! He even continues to talk about Ms Renee and Ms Sandy over the weekend which tells me he is well taken care of and is genuinely cared about! I trust LLH staff to the fullest and most importantly I know that he is safe and has evolved from their fun and interactive programming!

Thank you so much L.L.H. for providing the best care possible!!" – Sheri and Derek




"Little Learning House is so unique comparing to other daycares. It is small enough to give me a sense of home. Everyone, from the staff numbers to babies, is a part of this big happy family. It is also big enough to give me a sense of high standard of care. When I talk with the staffs, I never feel it is about business. I feel is about my daughter and me. Everyday when I bring my daughter to her teachers, I can feel the happiness is overflowing in the classroom. My daughter is happy to join the activities; the teachers are happy to give her a lot of loves; and I am happy to leave to my work with the assurance that my daughter is in a right place. Thank you Little Learning House". – Emmy and Max



"Our experience with Little Learning House has been nothing but positive.  

Each of the staff is warm and caring and consistently displays a genuine love of working with children.  They ensure each day is an exciting blend of learning and independent/group fun.  It is lovely to see our daughter thriving in an environment that is both nurturing and stimulating. Selecting care for your child can be a difficult task.  We are confident we made the right decision for ourselves and for our daughter". – Melanie & Scott



"As a first time mom, trusting your child’s well being to someone else is a very difficult thing to do, but the staff at LLH made the transition easy and stress free. LLH has helped create a structured routine for my daughter to follow. I have learned through their knowledgeable staff where my daughter should be milestone wise, and when to transition her to the next level.  The Staff at LLH are kind, caring and loving towards the children, they treat them as if they were their own! They also offer healthy foods which is important to me. 

My daughter enjoys going to daycare and spending time with all her friends as well taking part in the many activities offered at LLH". – Melissa 







“I can only praise the dedicated staff members at the Little Learning House. They create a safe, loving, caring and inspiring environment for children. Nutritious meals and snacks are provided every day.

I know that my son is well taken care of, has fun playing with his friends, learns and explores new things while I am not with him. I could not ask for more.” – Annamaria and Zoltan












"As all mothers experience, it is very hard to leave your child with someone else when you return to work. Little Learning House made that transition easy for both my daughter Emma and myself.  We toured a few daycares in the area and the moment we walked into Little Learning House Alissa and the staff made us feel so comfortable, we knew we made the right choice. I told Alissa with my eyes full of tears that I rock her to sleep and sing to her... She said then that's what we will do. They worked around Emma's schedule, Emma didn't have to fit into theirs.

They are always so patient with Emma's as well as me! The staff always encouraged me to call ...which I did everyday for the first month! It's so much fun to hear Emma's new words and songs that she learns at daycare. She brings home gifts that she makes for mommy, has leaned sign language, eats nutritious food, has routine, learning to share but most important of all she get hugs and snuggles when she needs them.

My daughter Emma has been going to Little Learning House for 6 months and it has been such a positive experience and made me as a mom feel happy and at ease knowing she is in such good hands and so well taken care of.  Thank you Little Learning House". - Jen


 Thanks to the fantastic, fun-loving, and caring staff, for the last couple of years The Little Learning House has been a wonderful place for our son, Darren, to learn, laugh and play.  We feel so relieved to have found a place that is both nurturing and educational for him while we’re at work.  It’s amazing to see how much he’s developed over this relatively short period of time, both emotionally and socially.  He’s always full of stories of all the fun he’s had at ‘school’.   And we’re ever so grateful for The Little Learning House to play a major role in helping Darren succeed at toilet training!  The daycare tackled this major milestone as a group and it’s just incredible to see how quickly it worked!  Since Darren’s been attending, there have been many fun, creative events and occasions to take part in.  A great bonus to this daycare is that they offer an accommodating Flex Care program to suit your needs - to reflect ‘real’ parent’s time schedules.  For someone who’s looking to place a child in a warm, welcoming, safe and fun atmosphere to learn – this is definitely the daycare to consider!  


We would highly recommend Little Learning House!  - Heather & Dan






"My experience with LLH stood out for two reasons.

The first was how supportive the staff were in helping our family transition initially into the program. From play dates, to reassurance, to understanding (and encouraging) my regular phone check-ins during the day when my son first started day care.

Second was how the teachers focused on developing a relationship with my son. They did this by having consistent teachers who love and enjoy the kids. This relationship was important during the initial transition to daycare (to be a support through separation - both child and parent) and ongoing emotional and cognitive development. It is wonderful to see my son excited to go to school and to be happy to see his teachers".  – Rhiannon and Eric



  "My daughter Brooklyn started at LLH at 14 months old when they were just opening their new infant centre. Just the thought of leaving our daughter with someone was terrifying to me but I was due back to work. The approachable, warm, loving staff at LLH eased my fears almost instantly. Over the last year, Brooklyn has transitioned from the infant centre, to the toddler room, to the pre-school room, each time, growing and learning so much.  

She comes home everyday just bursting with excitment to tell me what she has learned that day. She absolutely loves being there, has developed very close bonds with all of her teachers and has made many new friends. I am so happy we decided to enrol at LLH. They have worked with our family at every turn to provide what we want for our daughter, whether it be sleeping habits, nutritional needs, even potty training. 


I would (and have on many occasions) recommend LLH to family, friends and co-workers. Thank you LLH for all that you do!" – Tiffany and Steve




"Being first time parents my husband and I had all of the normal hesitations about sending our son to daycare.  After touring Little Learning House and meeting the teachers, we felt comfortable and happy about our decision.  Despite a few tears at drop-off times, we knew Connor was in good hands!  Now Connor will gladly snuggle with his teachers in the morning and at our return, he is full of smiles and is tired our from a day full of fun! We are always reassured if we call during the day that Connor is doing well and appreciate the communication sheet we receive at the end of the day.

Choosing a daycare to care for your child is a big decision.  Knowing that Little Learning House would respect the routines we had already established with our son for nap time etc was very important to us.   It has been great to watch our son grow and to see the new skills he has learned during his time at daycare.  This is such an important time in his life so we are happy to have a safe place for him to play and learn!" – Julianne and Scott



"Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience at Little Learning House with other parents. LLH is special to me because it was the very first place my little one stayed every day once I returned to work and it is beyond words the great feeling I had when I knew he will be with someone that gives him a lot of attention and care. At the time he started daycare he just turned one and he still needed some rocking at bed time, bottle with his meals and he was crawling everywhere. The staff managed to gently introduce good habits to him (I do not know how!) as to drink from a straw cup,  sippy cup and later on from a cup ... when at home he was still using the bottle. He got to sleep by himself, to eat by himself and master other very useful skills.

The staff is not afraid to get dirty with them: creative play with paint, glue, starch, feathers, rocks, cones... you name it!...but you can hardly see a stain on their clothes when you pick them up ... miracle!  The first winter at daycare he did not have any sick days.

The food ...i did not taste it personally but my little one eats stuff that he wouldn't touch at home... so must be something good". - Carmen